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Tyre Pros and the Environment

How are Tyre Pros increasing the amount they recycle?

At Tyre Pros we are constantly looking at ways to increase the amount we recycle whilst reducing our carbon footprint. We’ve managed to reduce the number of trips we make to recycling plants by fitting tyre compressors at some of our centres, meaning that we can start the recycling process ourselves. To help us with our tyre recycling efforts, all we ask for from you is a small amount per tyre, which you will see included in your bill. We’ve commissioned experts who have completed full environmental surveys on our Centres rating us on everything from the cleanliness of our walls to the amount of waste we produce, even the amount of noise we create.

How are Tyre Pros reducing their impact on the environment?

At Tyre Pros we’ve always taken our responsibility to the environment seriously, employing reputable waste management companies to dispose of all our waste products. Wherever possible we like to view worn out parts not as rubbish, but as the raw product for something else. You might be surprised to discover that the dirty oil from your engine is re-processed to become marine oil and that aluminium is extracted from your old oil filters. We replace more than five million tyres a year, and we reprocess all of them. Your tyres become part of anything from equestrian or sports pitches, carpet underlay, drainage systems, roof tiles, road and playground surfaces, even laminate flooring!

Top tips to reduce your driving carbon footprint

  • Properly inflated tyres can save you up to 3% on your fuel bill.
  • Remove any unnecessary weight or roof racks from the car.
  • Think ahead when driving and where possible ease off the accelerator to gently roll to a stop.