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Goodyear Tyres

Goodyear is a key manufacturer in improving tyre safety and performance. The importance of Goodyear in tyre safety innovations is highlighted by the fact that they worked on with the European Union on the EU tyre label. This label helps drivers to make a more informed choice on which tyres they buy as they are ranked for attributes such as wet grip, fuel efficiency and noise.

Goodyear tyres are subject to stringent testing against over 50 measurements to ensure that each tyre meets safety and performance standards. Important innovations from Goodyear include RunOnFlat self-supporting tyres. These allow the driver to carry on driving get the tyre fixed in the case of a tyre blowout. Goodyear has also been prominent in improving the performance of tyres in wet weather conditions. SmartWear has helped to create tyres that are more resistant to aquaplaning helping to keep drivers safer in wet weather conditions.

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“Goodyear tyres are a smart choice for reliable tyres in terms of safety and performance. They offer a wide range of tyres for many different types of vehicles. If you need guidance on Goodyear tyres, your local Tyre Pros team can recommend tyres that will suit you.”

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