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Exhausts Inspection and Repairs

Like with any vehicle component, your exhaust can develop problems over time. If you suspect there is something wrong with this part of your car or van, it’s crucial that you get it looked at as soon as possible to ensure your safety and the safety of other motorists while you’re out and about on the roads.

At Tyre Pros, we offer a free exhaust check. Our highly trained technicians are equipped with the specialist knowledge and equipment to assess this part of your vehicle. The inspection includes a full written report and diagnosis of any issues, plus a no obligation quote for further recommended work.

Why Exhausts Fail

In short, a vehicle’s exhaust system is made up of a series of pipes and boxes that direct noxious gases to the rear of the vehicle. These pipes can be found on the underside of the vehicle. This means they are subject to the elements and are likely to come into regular contact with water, dirt and grit. As a result, these pipes can rust and crack over time. What’s more, the hangers that hold the exhaust in place can also weather and if these fail, there’s a good chance the exhaust will drag along the road surface.

The life expectancy of your vehicle’s exhaust depends on how often you drive, rather than how long it has been since it was fitted. However, you should bear in mind that if you use your vehicle for shorter, more frequent trips, your exhaust may corrode much sooner than if you use it predominantly for long journeys.

Why exhaust maintenance is important

Your vehicle’s exhaust has four main functions - to control noise, to redirect harmful fumes, to improve the performance of the engine and to improve fuel consumption - so it’s important that you make sure this part of your car or van is in tiptop condition at all times.It’s also worth bearing in mind the impact that your exhaust can have on the environment - especially if it’s faulty. All vehicle exhaust systems produce six gases. These are carbon dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, water vapour, nitrogen monoxide and nitrogen oxide. The purpose of the exhaust, along with the catalytic converter and its monitoring system, is to maintain the right balance of these emissions. So, if your exhaust is faulty, there’s a good chance it’s having a negative effect on the environment.

What are the signs that my exhaust needs attention?

A major sign that there is something wrong with your exhaust is if it starts making a roaring noise. This may indicate that there is a fault with the silencer and that an exhaust repair or replacement is needed.

Other audible signs can include:

  • A hissing noise - this may suggest that there is  a crack in the exhaust manifold or pipe, or that there is gasket leak.
  • A chugging noise - this could mean a blockage in the exhaust system.
  • A rattling noise - this can indicate that the exhaust has become misaligned.
  • A scraping noise - this probably means part of the exhaust has come loose and is making contact with the road surface.

Book Your Free Exhaust Check

If you hear a strange noise coming from your exhaust, it’s important that you don’t just ignore it. Instead, you should get it checked out as soon as possible to establish if your vehicle needs an exhaust replacement or repair.

To book your free exhaust check simply contact us to book in at your local centre. Alternatively, you can take your car to your nearest Tyre Pros centre for a full inspection - no appointment is necessary. You can find your nearest location using the search tool below.

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During the inspection, our trained technicians will assess your exhaust system to identify what is causing the problem. We will also inspect your vehicle’s catalytic converter to ensure it is working as it should be.

Once we’ve carried out the inspection, we will let you know if any further work is needed to fix the problem. All of our exhaust systems carry a three year unlimited mileage guarantee, while our catalytic converters are accompanied by a two year guarantee.

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"Thick smoke coming from the exhaust may not actually be a sign of an exhaust problem and is more likely an issue with your engine or fuel line. It is equally important to get this checked out however in order to prevent potential further damage to engine components."