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Please note: we are currently unable to carry out brake checks on hybrid/electric vehicles.


Regular inspection and maintenance of your brakes is essential and Tyre Pros are here to help every step of the way. If you have any concerns about your brakes, why not book a free brake inspection at your local Tyre Pros centre.

Maintaining your braking system is a priority as you never know when you may need to stop in an emergency. Remember your brakes are in use more often when driving around town than on a motorway so regular maintenance is important.

So if you need your brakes checked, Tyre Pros carry out a free comprehensive brake inspection that can determine the condition of your brake components and when any of these are likely to need replacing.

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Why braking system maintenance is important

Like all components on a car, brakes and indeed braking performance deteriorate over time and because it happens gradually many people do not notice the difference in their braking system. Having your brakes regularly checked could save you time and money by preventing damage to other components.

The most common braking system found on today’s cars is the use of pads and discs. Brake pads include a friction material which is pressed against the disc when the brake pedal is applied. This slows and eventually stops the wheels from turning. Over time, the friction material found on a brake pad wears down and eventually cannot do its job very effectively. In addition, brake discs can become warped and pitted after much use, making it harder for the brake pad to ‘grab’ the surface of the disc and slow the car down. Therefore ensuring your brakes are operating at an optimum level is a priority. Our fully trained technicians are committed to maintaining your brakes in an expert and cost effective manner.

What are the signs that my brakes need attention?

There are a number of tell-tale signs of trouble to look out for when using your brakes, these include:

  • Grinding noise when you apply the brakes could suggest the brake pads have worn too low.
  • Pulling to the left or right may indicate a caliper has seized up
  • Continuous ‘pulsating’ from the pedal may mean the brake disc is warped
  • Spongy feeling when applying the brakes which is indicative that there is air in the brake fluid line
  • Limp brake pedal with no resistance could suggest the brake fluid needs changing

If you notice any of these signs, for safety’s sake it’s important to have your vehicle inspected as quickly as possible. You can book your free brake inspection online or drive in to any of our Tyre Pros centres, no appointment necessary and our trained technicians will be more than happy to give a full diagnosis.

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"Brake checks are an important part of the MOT test and if your brakes are not working as intended, your vehicle will fail. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get your brakes checked out ahead of your planned MOT especially if something doesn’t feel right."