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MOT Tips

At Tyre Pros, we want to help you pass your MOT test first time with minimal hassle. To give your vehicle the best possible chance of passing, there are a few checks you can carry out yourself before your appointment. Here are a few of our top tips for passing your MOT test:

  • Lights- it is important to check that all your lights are working on your vehicle.
  • Number plate- ensure that your number plate is attached securely and easy to read.
  • Tyres- make sure that your tread is above the legal limit of 1.6mm with the 20p test.
  • Washers- ensure that the spray lands on your windscreen to enable it to be cleaned effectively.
  • Windscreen wipers- check that your wiper blades are in good condition.
  • Windscreen- before your test, you should remove any Sat Nav attachments which could hide damage on windscreen chips.
  • Handbrake, brakes and steering wheel- make sure that these parts of your car are functioning as they should.
  • Horn- check that your horn works loudly and clearly.
  • Clean your car- the MOT tester can refuse to inspect your car if it is dirty.

Not meeting the MOT requirements in these areas will cause your vehicle to fail its MOT. Completing these simple checks will help to give your vehicle the best chance of passing. As they can be carried out prior to your appointment, they are an easy way to solve any potential issues before your MOT.

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“By completing these checks before your MOT, you are giving yourself the best possible chance of passing without the need for repairs or re-testing. These checks are simple to do yourself and will stop you from failing your MOT for preventable reasons.”