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Budget Tyres

Saving money on your tyres doesn’t have to mean lower performance. At Tyre Pros, we stock a large range of budget tyres at competitive prices. Whatever your budget, we are bound to have tyres that suit you. Our budget options offer good value options that don’t compromise on driver safety or comfort.

We stock many different budget tyre brands all of which are of the highest quality. When you order a budget tyre from Tyre Pros, you can be sure that the tyre you receive matches if not betters the EU tyre label characteristics shown online. We are confident in the quality of all our tyres and this can be shown in our lifetime mileage guarantee on all new tyres fitted at Tyre Pros.

Talk To The Tyre Pros

“Even if your budget is limited, your choice of tyres doesn’t need to be. At Tyre Pros, we have a wide range of budget tyres that you can choose from. For advice on the best tyres for you, talk to the Tyre Pros.”