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Michelin Tyres

Founded in the UK in 1927, Michelin and the ‘Michelin Man’ are at the forefront of the tyre industry. Focusing on improving the driving experience, Michelin can be counted on for tyres that are high performance but also provide a quality driving experience.

The clearest example of Michelin’s consistent tyre innovation is the Cross Climate tyre. The Cross Climate tyre combines the attributes of a winter tyre with those of a summer tyre. This has enabled a tyre to be developed which performs well in all weather conditions. All Michelin tyres include the latest technology and are manufactured from the best quality materials.

Talk To The Tyre Pros

“Everyone has heard of Michelin tyres and for good reason. If you’re looking for quality and safety, Michelin tyres could be the perfect choice for you. Talk to your local Tyre Pros team for more information on our range of Michelin tyres.”

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