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Tyre Pressure Checker

It’s important to check the pressure of your tyres every few weeks to make sure that they are at the right level.

Your vehicle handbook should state the recommended tyre pressure for your car, or you can find out this information by entering your registration number into our search tool below.

What is the correct tyre pressure for my car?

Enter your number plate below, click 'Search' and we will find the tyre pressure for your vehicle.

Check your recommended tyre pressure

Enter your vehicle number plate below, click 'Search' and we will find the tyre pressure for your vehicle.

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Please note: The tyre pressures shown are for unladen vehicles. If transporting heavy loads, please check your vehicle handbook for the correct laden pressure. If the vehicle or tyre size shown does not match your own, or we cannot find your vehicle, please contact your local Tyre Pros Centre. Who will be able to assist.

The importance of correct inflation

Making sure that each tyre on your vehicle is at the right pressure level is extremely important. Under or over inflated tyres are unsafe, and you could be putting yourself, your passengers and other road users in danger.

Incorrect tyre pressure can affect your vehicle’s braking, steering and handling, and you may find that you use more fuel too. It can also cause your tyres to wear more quickly and unevenly and potentially result in structural damage.

Ultimately, driving on tyres that are not inflated to the correct pressure can cause tyre failure. For these reasons, you should check your tyre pressures regularly.

over inflated tyre
Over Inflation

under inflated tyre
Under Inflation

correct tyre inflation
Correct Inflation

How to check tyre pressure

Before you conduct a tyre pressure check, you should make sure that the tyres are cold as this will produce more accurate results. You should then use a tyre pressure gauge to check each tyre individually. This device will help determine if you need to inflate or deflate any of your tyres.

Don’t forget to inspect your spare tyre too. This tyre can lose pressure even when it isn’t being used.

Talk To The Tyre Pros

"At Tyre Pros, we recommend checking your tyre pressures at least once a month to avoid premature tyre wear and unnecessary fuel consumption".