Brakes Our Lifetime Guarantee

Tyre Pros Lifetime Brake Guarantee

As a Tyre Pros brake customer you will have a lifetime guarantee on all brake pads and/or brake shoes and will receive replacement sets for as long as you own the vehicle. Additionally, we will guarantee all other new brake parts fitted, including labour, for the first 12 months after fitment or the first 12,000 miles (whichever comes first) conditional upon your continued ownership of the vehicle *.

Tyre Pros will dismantle and repair or replace at its discretion any defective parts and reassemble them on your vehicle free of charge, subject to these guarantee conditions. Before any work can be carried out under guarantee, Tyre Pros will conduct a full inspection report. This guarantee will not be offered and will not subsequently apply if you do not authorise the fitting of all additional parts considered necessary for replacement to restore your braking system to its proper working condition.

Free Brake Check

If you are ever worried about your brakes, you can drive in to any of our Tyre Pros Centres for a FREE brake check.

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* Company vehicles, vehicles used for commercial purposes, vehicles used in competitive sports and vehicles fitted with inboard braking systems and/or handbrake pads and shoes are excluded from our lifetime guarantee.