Are Engine Treatments Worth the Money?

calendar Published on: Tuesday, 21st July 2020 | male icon Author: Bradley Jando

Carbon naturally builds up over time in car engines – resulting in issues with fuel consumption and causing emissions to increase. Engine treatments are ultimately used to clean and protect your engine and fuel system, but many people are curious as to whether engine treatments are really worth the money?

When To Use Engine Treatment

If you’re not getting the same power from your engine, it’s being louder than usual, or if it’s getting hotter than usual, then it’s important to get your hands on some engine treatment.

To ensure that your car is healthy and working correctly it is necessary to take care of all aspects of the vehicle, including the engine. Although some people are unsure about whether or not to use treatment, it can all depend on which treatment you use.

Types of Engine Treatment

The cost of engine oil treatment can be really varied, but the lower end of these treatments can be a false economy. The cheapest bottle online, for example, can be as low as £5, but you’re likely going to need to buy multiple bottles and it’s unlikely to work as well for your engine as the higher quality products.

If you want to take care of your vehicle, the slight extra cost can prevent you from having to spend a lot more later down the line. Additionally, engine treatment isn’t too expensive - it should usually cost between £20-£40. Some examples of oil additives are Viscosity Modifiers, Anti-Wear Additives, Detergents, Dispersants and Anti-Foamants.

What Could Happen If You Do Not Use Engine Treatment

Engine treatment is essential to ensure your engine is working to the best standard. Not treating your engine oil when it’s needed can later lead to all kinds of issues as, over time, this can really wear out the engine, resulting in potential overheating, rust, corrosion, and other serious problems. The more miles your vehicle drives, the more impact this will have on your engine.

So, Is Engine Treatment Worth It?

For an average price of £20, engine treatment is worth it. A car is usually a person’s largest investment - other than their house - so looking after it in as many ways as possible makes sense. This is especially the case when you compare it to the cost of replacing head gaskets or even entire engines!

Less dramatically, you’ll also see increased fuel consumption when engines need treatment.

Tyre Pros Engine Treatment

To purchase a bottle of our engine treatment online, book any service, tyre fitting, or MOT at your nearby centre for the option of adding to your basket. Our fuel system cleaner is £19.95. For any additional information or inquiries you might have, please contact your nearest Tyre Pros centre.